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Improve your golf game.

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Play better golf.

Golf is a game of accuracy. But to know your accuracy, you need to track it. Until now only tour pros have had proxmity to the hole statistics for every shot in the scoring zone. Now you can too.

In order to turn your weaknesses into strengths you need to know what they are. With this app you'll easily be able to track your approach shots, shots around the green and putting quickly and easily. These are the shots in the Scoring Zone. You'll get meaningful information you can use to improve your game.

For each shot that you track you'll get a an instant quality rating. This quality rating is based on the difficulty of the shot and the accuracy of your result. As you track more shots you'll see them broken down into specific ranges. This information will help you strategize your way around the golf course better.

How you track stats is designed to help you focus on aspects of the game that will help you make improvements in skill, strategy, and the mental side of the game.